Sunny Binder

Sunny Binder is a polymer compound with strong binding ability and good stability. It can keep pellet feed stable for 2-6 hours in water. It is white powder, non-toxic and scentless.

Chemical Name:  Polymethylolcarbamide(PMC)/Urea-Formaldehyde 

● Improve pellet quality, reduce waste and ingredient separation during pelleting and transportation; 
● Improve pellet durability in water, decrease the contamination of water and surrounding as the feed drip in water.
Recommended Dosage
Add Sunny binder 1‰-6‰ (w/w) to complete feeds and mix evenly, then pellet by steam.  


Sunny Binder (kg/T)


2 ~ 4


2 ~ 6


1 ~ 2


Caution:  Storage for a period of time after pelleting can improve the pellets quality. 
Storage:  Keep in dry, cool places; Excessive heat and moisture can cause caking, so seal the bag after use.  


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